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  • purple stripes crew socks for women
  • black 5 finger crew socks for women
  • black classic stripes running socks for women
  • pink cute stripes crew socks for women
  • beige stripes crew socks for women
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ZFSOCK Cute 5 Finger Colorful Classic Stripes Socks for Women, 5 Pairs

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Why you should Buy these Cute Classic Stripes 5 Finger Socks?
  • The designs are classic and cute it's suitable for any occasion

  • It's affordable for 5 Pairs of Quality Socks 

  • It's the Perfect Gift that is suitable for any occasion

  • The designs are very cute and perfect when you're wearing your slides or slippers

  • Prevents the toe from blistering. 

  • Athletic socks with good designs

  • It is also Free Shipping with no minimum spend across the United States

  • Perfect statement piece if you are wearing plain clothes

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